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DSC02391I’m Alberto Reyes, I’m a singer-songwriter, sound engineer and music producer. My speciality is audio editing and postproduction, especially on music.

In my project as a soloist I write, perform, mix/master and produce my own songs, in which I try to capture the care, the sensitivity and personal lyrics from a singer-songwriter, but at the same time they are wrapped in a more commercial POP styled production. Besides, my song ‘Sangre de volcán’, dedicated to the Canary Islands young people, was awarded and chosen as the official song of the ‘Galardón y Premios Joven Canarias’.

I also produce versions of other artists’ songs for my YouTube channel and even some of them  have been shared by the group La Oreja de Van Gogh.

These are some of my works:

AR LCDH 2000 Video editing.

 cropped-foto-alberto-reyes-2018.jpg Own songs (some of them).

Tasks: composing, lyrics, performing, recording, producing, editing, mixing and mastering.

portada vv1 Covers (some of them).

Tareas: performing, recording, producing, editing, mixing and mastering.

 Expiration Date (short film by Cristian Valenciano).

Tasks: editing and audio postproduction.

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 Official song for ‘Meridiana Azafatas’.

Tasks: composing, producing, editing, mixing and mastering.

Resultado de imagen de objetivo camara imagen Camera Assistant.